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Cory & Topanga Are Back In Girl Meets World!

Before watching all of these romantic comedies or being consumed by Bella and Edward of Twilight fame, we had one fiction relationship that we rooted for and emotionally invested in as if we were a part of it. Cory and Topanga, the couple developed over 7 seasons of Boy Meets World,is the definition of romance in the eyes of 90s kids and Disney lovers across the globe. They are returning, fulfilling one of my top three prayers of returns from that decade (still have fingers crossed for Legends of the Hidden Temple and Supermarket Sweep revivals).

Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage officially signed on to the series, which will be called Girl Meets World. It’ll cover the married couple parenting their 13-year-old daughter. This is good news. No, this is great news. I know there are many skeptics who are treating this comeback like a fragile, old collectors item that they don’t want anyone to touch because they fear it’ll get damaged. I understand that, really I do – but this is CORY AND TOPANGA we’re talking about here, I’m not seeing anyway that it’s not, at the very least, better than the other junk being aired on Disney.

The only legitimate downside of this is that it magnifies our rapid aging. Copanga (admit it, you love that) being old enough to have a teenage daughter means we’ve come a long way from watching Boy Meets World on ABC’s TGIF back in ’95. Let’s embrace this. Sure it could be bad but so what? If it’s the worst thing ever, we can just pretend it didn’t happen… Like the new Figure It Out on Nickelodeon. Folks don’t even acknowledge that mess’ existence.

Be happy! Are you happy? This feels like when you have potential career news you’re excited to tell your Mom about and you hope that she’s ecstatic, but you know there’s a chance she’ll be like, “Meh, that sounds like a scam but I guess if you want to do that with your life…” – crushing every ounce of joy and excitement you had in a matter of seconds. Don’t do that to me – be as excited as I am. Let’s rekindle our crush on Topanga and hope that Feeny (Feeee-he-he-heenay) returns for a cameo or ten.


The 10 Commandments Of 90s Kids

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#116 Rescue 911 & Unsolved Mysteries Made Us Paranoid.

There were the unrealistic fears that 90s kids got from reading Goosebumps & watching Are You Afraid of The Dark; then there were real-life terrors. Nothing provided more genuine paranoia than Rescue 911 and Unsolved Mysteries. Hosted by the great, William Shatner, Rescue 911 featured reenacted stories (on rare occasions, real footage), covering things from child accidents, to drug overdoses, to my personal favorite – home invasions. I was always fearful of this and I believe it’s a direct result of the sh-t I saw on that show. Continue reading


What is your favorite memory as a part of the All That cast?
First off that it’s in the 90s era. I think it’s funny how the 90s are a bit vintage now, but I am proud to say that I was apart of a show that made the 90s what it is. Everyone remembers All That like I remember Rugrats. Being on All That was a dream come true and sharing that with my mother Brenda who passed away a few years ago meant the world to me. My memories meant the world to me and I hoped everyone enjoyed the show just like I did. I met so many great people that are now successful and it was truly a blessing to do a show that was in a lot of people’s households and that made people smile and laugh is all I could ask for.
What character from the 1990s would you like to hang out with the most? Zack from Saved by the Bell because, hello — he was a cutie… and I loved Joey Lawrence. O-M-G, hotness.
What 90s series would people be surprised to find out that you watched? None, I watched them all… Maybe Frasier?
What is your proudest video game accomplishment? Beating Super Mario 3.
Who was your 90s celebrity crush? Joey Lawrence or Jordan from NKOTB Continue reading

#114 Nickelodeon Magazine And Disney Adventures Were Top Tier Reading Material.

When we were kids, there were very few forms of words & illustrations bound together on pieces of paper that really appealed to us. Besides Where’s Waldo and comic books, there were two other very well liked exceptions. Nickelodeon Magazine & Disney Adventures were two things that 90s kids really enjoyed. Nickelodeon Magazine ran a commercial that must’ve aired at every single  break (see below), because it’s forever embedded in plenty of our brains. Anyway, these magazines featured content that we found interesting during that time period. See, nowadays we’re more likely to read magazines with content covering celebrity gossip, fashion, sports or things of that nature. Back then we got our thrills from Nickelodeon Magazine’s comics, pranks, posters, interviews, recipes, non-fiction articles and general humor. The coolest thing about ‘em was the fact that they didn’t strictly contain things only associated with their network; they covered all sorts of topics a kid could relate to! Meanwhile, Disney Adventures managed to capture the entertaining/fun aspects that Nickelodeon Magazine had, while adding some educational material in addition. So, we learned a few things and got the take pleasure in the puzzle games, entertainment news, fun facts (a section called: Weird Yet True) and a sports guide, created by ESPN. While both magazines have met their demise, they put together strong runs that managed to live on past our childhoods. If you have the slightest hoarding tendencies, surely you’ve got some of these magazines lying around somewhere.

OK, who else has seen this Nickelodeon Magazine commercial below SO MANY times that you can still recite nearly every word, verbatim? Nostalgia at its finest!

Status #26: Doug Funnie Again.

Who Was The Best 90s Superhero Group?

ATTENTION ALL 90s LOVERS, this is the second installment of “The Best Of”. It will allow us to interact with each other while we debate the greatest of different categories. Today’s question asks, Who Was The Best 90s  Superhero Group?

Vote on the poll and leave your opinions, arguments and creative comments. If you’d like to make an argument for a candidate who isn’t listed above then feel free to bring them into the discussion. SHARE THIS with your friends on Facebook & Twitter so we can have as many 90s lovers as possibly come to a majority conclusion as to who was the BEST SUPERHERO GROUP OF THE 90s. And the nominees are…