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Who Is The Best 90s Ginger?

Above are some of the most popular 90s gingers. Let’s evaluate each of them in order (going left to right). Continue reading


#116 Rescue 911 & Unsolved Mysteries Made Us Paranoid.

There were the unrealistic fears that 90s kids got from reading Goosebumps & watching Are You Afraid of The Dark; then there were real-life terrors. Nothing provided more genuine paranoia than Rescue 911 and Unsolved Mysteries. Hosted by the great, William Shatner, Rescue 911 featured reenacted stories (on rare occasions, real footage), covering things from child accidents, to drug overdoses, to my personal favorite – home invasions. I was always fearful of this and I believe it’s a direct result of the sh-t I saw on that show. Continue reading

#105 Monster School Looked Like A Blast.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters ran for 4 seasons (52 total episodes) worth of pure awesomeness. Watching Ickis, Krumm and Oblina attend monster academy over the years was a pleasure and this concept was unique for a cartoon.  Each monster had their own preferred method for scaring humans, some more intense than others. Ickis had big shoes to fill trying to build on the legacy of his father Slickis who was the school’s top student in the past which is why he was probably so nervous all the time. Anyway, with all the pressure on him, Ickis used his ability to grow larger to scare humans. Krumm, on the other hand was carrying his eyeballs in his hands which, is pretty frightening in itself to just about anyone. In addition, he used a disgusting armpit odor to scare folks off. Oblina’s favorite technique was to reach into her own body, removing her internal organs and shapeshifting into rather disturbing looking forms. She was also capable of giving a human a nightmare by sticking her finger in their ear and tickling their brain while they slept. Now as kids in real life, if we would’ve came across anything that even looked like one of these monster characters, we would’ve been running in the other direction before they even had an opportunity to perform one of their scare tactics. Luckily it was all just a Nicktoon – and a fairly underrated one at that.
FUN FACT:  Christine Cavanaugh who voiced Oblina also provided the vocals for Chuckie on Rugrats.

#97 More Reptar Would Have Been Awesome.

On Rugrats, the babies were fans of a big, green dinosaur named Reptar who was an obvious play on Godzilla. It wasn’t really clear if he was friend or foe because sometimes he looked to be a hero while other times it seemed the opposite. Apparently he was the most marketable character in the Rugrats’ little world because he’s seen on cereal boxes, movies, ice skating shows, TV shows, action figures, amusement parks and other merchandise. On multiple occasions, The Rugrats met Reptar, or someone dressed like him at public events, such as “Reptar On Ice!” It kind of made us envy the babies because most of us wouldn’t have minded an entire market of Reptar stuff in our reality. It seems as if we knew Reptar was made up and we only got him in small doses, so we wanted to see more of him. It was a typical case of wanting what we can’t have. There were plenty of forms of entertainment available to us, yet we couldn’t resist the animated Godzilla rip off. Being shown all those tiny snippets of Reptar was like watching an awesome movie trailer for a film that isn’t ever going to be made. Besides The Beets, Reptar was the greatest form of fiction, toon entertainment. If “The Beets Killer Tofu Tour and “Reptar On Ice” were in town on the same night at the same time, which one would you go to?

#76 Christine Cavanaugh Was Half Of Our Favorite Characters.

OK, so maybe half is an exaggeration but she honestly did perform a number of different characters voices. Chuckie Finster (Rugrats), Gosalyn Mallard (Darkwing Duck), Bunnie Rabbot (Sonic The Hedgehog), Oblina (Aaahh! Real Monsters), Babe (Babe), AND Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory). That’s pretty effin’ remarkable being that all of those characters are fairly well remembered. In fact Dexter and Chuckie are two of the most popular cartoon characters of that entire decade. Hell, we’ve probably heard this woman’s voice more than our own mother’s growing up.

#68 Chuckie Finster Is A P*ssy.

Plain and simple, Chuckie is the most easily frightened character in cartoon history. His list of fears includes but isn’t limited to clowns, the dark, adventures and the “guy on the oatmeal box with the scary hat.” He should feel quite fortunate to be allowed to roll with a group as cool as Tommy and company. Every time he’d say, “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea”, we wanted to tell him to stop acting like a beeotch. I recall a few occasions where he had legitimate reasons to be scared – but when you’re constantly frightened by things, even in broad daylight, you need to take your skirt off and man up. When one episode revealed that Chuckie’s mother died of an unnamed illness shortly after his birth, I felt REALLY bad for the guy. So bad that there was a brief period where I didn’t dislike him… Then, he yelled his obnoxious line, “We’re doomed, doomed I tell ya!” and I immediately went back to hating the little Finster kid.

#30 The Rugrats Scared Me On A Couple Occasions.

There were some creepy moments on the show but two specific ones take the cake. First, there was an episode where Chuckie keeps experiencing a series of nightmares. At the end of the show his father Chazz puts Chuckie to sleep, enters the living room and sees a figure that appears to be Stu. When the figure turns around it has a distorted face and exclaims the infamous line, “I’m not Stu!” This FREAKED ME OUT big time as a kid. The second time was an episode where Angelica’s parents told her they might be having a second child. Angelica then dreamed she was having a brother who was freakishly big and chased her around in what was another very eerie showing. For a cartoon that wasn’t trying to scare me, Rugrats succeeded in doing so occasionally.

(The “I’m Not Stu” clip. Kind of funny now but at 7, not so much.)