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#119 Doug Funnie And Mr. Simmons Are Basically The Same Dude

Things 90s Kids Realize

For those foggy on Mr. Simmons, let’s jog your memory and get you up to speed.
He was a teacher on Hey Arnold and, as the picture makes evident, he was essentially an adult version of Doug Funnie. Does anybody remember this moment shown below? It features Simmons nearly dropping an F-Bomb which we probably didn’t even think twice about as kids:

Donning those classic green sweater vests with a white shirt underneath — these two resemble a father and son coordinating outfits for the family portrait. It makes one wonder, was this intentional or were the cartoonists at Nickelodeon simply lazy about drawing out new wardrobes? Whatever the case may be, it’s hard to see one without thinking of the other in the back of your mind, because the resemblance is fu…fudging uncanny.


The 10 Commandments Of 90s Kids

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Patti Mayonnaise In Doug Funnie’s Eyes.

Status #26: Doug Funnie Again.

“The ’90s Are All That” Premieres TONIGHT.

Spread the word to all, tonight at midnight, 90s lovers can rejoice in a new block dedicated to classic Nickelodeon television called “The ’90s Are All That”! It will air from 12 to 4 a.m. through the week and 4 to 6 p.m. on the weekend. For now, the schedule consists of episodes of Kenan & Kel, All That, Doug and Clarissa Explains it all BUT if there are different programs you want to see leave a comment here or go to THE THINGS ’90s KIDS REALIZE FACEBOOK PAGE and let your voice be heard. What shows do you want to see return besides these?

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#69 The Beets Are The Greatest Fiction Band Ever.

The fictional band named The Beets consisted of members Monroe Yoder (bass, vocals), Wendy Nespot (keyboard), Flounder (guitar), and Clyde “Chap” Lipman (drums). For good reason, they were Doug Funny’s favorite. The Beets hailed from Liverpool and were clearly a parody of the massively famous British rock bands in real life. Throughout seasons of Doug we got to hear some of their sweet tunes like “Shout Your Lungs Out”, “I Need More Allowance”, and my personal favorite – “Killer Tofu”. If you’ve heard these songs, you understand how CATCHY/AWESOME/EPIC The Beets were. They even inspired Doug to make a song of his own called “Bangin’ On A Trash Can” which is better than 90% of the current mainstream music. Search far and wide but I assure you The Beets are the best fiction band of all time and if the “Killer Tofu Tour” were a real event, we’d splurge for front row seats.

#24 Yeah. His Name, Is “Skeeter”.

And if that’s not enough, Doug would often times call him “Skeet” for short. Back in 1994 I’m sure there was no way to predict what the definition of the word “skeet” would translate to in the 2000’s so surely this was unintentional, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious. After Lil Jon and other rappers gave the word an inappropriate meaning, it’s taken on a new life. Apparently one Skeeter wasn’t enough though as Nickelodeon would follow up with “Cousin Skeeter” a few years later.