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#121 Friends, Seinfeld, And Mad About You Take Place In The Same Universe

90s television was no stranger to the crossover episode routine, but in doing so you’re placing the shows involved within the same fictional universe. They did this with Full House and Family Matters when DJ’s friend Julie’s cousin turned out to be Steve Urkel.
I presume this was some twisted parallel dimension in which pesky neighbors ran amok, considering Kimmy Gibbler and Steve Urkel lived next door to the respective families in each series.

This happened with many other shows, but what many may not have noticed was the linking of Mad About You, Friends and Seinfeld. Continue reading


Status #13: Steve Urkel

#55 There Should Be An Amber Alert For Judy Winslow.

Judy was Carl and Harriette’s youngest child. For no apparent reason and with no explanation whatsoever, she suddenly disappeared from the face of the show. I would think I’m crazy and made her up in my mind but there are four seasons worth of footage that proves her existence. Now, I’m really disturbed because I have to question what type of parents and siblings the Winslows are. I mean, does anybody in that family care? A daughter and sister vanishes in thin air and nobody speaks a word about it? That’s awfully fishy. I personally think something shady went down and with Carl’s position in law enforcement, he could cover some things up if necessary. Just a conspiracy theory of mine. Remember the old ads that said “It’s 10pm, do you know where your children are?” Well, clearly the Winslow family makes an effort to ignore and disregard those public service announcements.

#37 Myra Was Hotter Than Laura.

For years we saw Urkel desperately strive for attention from Laura Winslow. Initially I was annoyed that he was acting so obsessive over a girl who was really a dime a dozen. Laura was a pretty girl but she wasn’t God’s masterpiece like Steve made her out to be. Besides that, I have an even bigger issue with the fact that Urkel was blowing off a girl named Myra who was a hottie. I know opinions may vary but Myra was blatantly better looking and more into Steve, so what exactly was the problem?! With glasses as thick as his were, his vision should’ve been good enough to pickup on the fact that Myra Monkhouse was smoking. (Sadly, Michelle Thomas, the actress who played Myra passed away in 1998 of a rare stomach cancer.)

#2 TGIF Was The Bees Knees

TGIF’s 1995 lineup of Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Step By Step & Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper was marvelous (Dinosaurs was also in there at some point). Never again will a late night schedule be good enough to keep you home on a Friday night. I believe this is why so many of us get slammered drunk on Friday nights. As a coping mechanism to block out memories of the greatness that used to be Friday evenings. I’ve tried to stay in and watch the malarkey that comes on currently  and all I can say is… Stay thirsty, my friends.