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#121 Friends, Seinfeld, And Mad About You Take Place In The Same Universe

90s television was no stranger to the crossover episode routine, but in doing so you’re placing the shows involved within the same fictional universe. They did this with Full House and Family Matters when DJ’s friend Julie’s cousin turned out to be Steve Urkel.
I presume this was some twisted parallel dimension in which pesky neighbors ran amok, considering Kimmy Gibbler and Steve Urkel lived next door to the respective families in each series.

This happened with many other shows, but what many may not have noticed was the linking of Mad About You, Friends and Seinfeld. Continue reading


#113 Before Tosh.0, It Was America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Shockingly there was life before the Youtube era and viral video phenomenon. So, when you see a show like Tosh.0 that completely revolves around popular/wide spread videos, it’s important that you realize it’s not a completely original concept. See, back in the 90s we had a little something called America’s Funniest Home Videos. We didn’t have internet access so the clips shown on this series were sent in by folks via mail (what an outdated method of communication, right?) on tapes. Instead of Daniel Tosh, our host was the magnificent Bob Saget (Full House) and the humor was less adult oriented, gearing itself more toward families. While we were restricted to PG material, there was a hefty supply of slapstick humor through accidents and mishaps involving kids and pets. Countless times we saw the guaranteed to get a laugh clips of shots to the crotch or slipping/tripping clumsiness. While Bob Saget didn’t spend a ton of time evaluating each clip or doing anything like “Web Redemptions” as Mr. Tosh does, it was the 90s kid’s version of a video clip television show. Now that we’re adults, it’s great to enjoy the humor provided by Tosh.0 via clips from Youtube, but make sure you don’t forget your roots, and the fact that before Daniel Tosh, Bob Saget presented you with laughs at other people’s expense!

Which do you like better. America’s Funniest Home Videos as a kid OR TOSH.0 as an adult? Leave your answers in the COMMENT section!

#36 Uncle Joey Is A Creeper.

Danny played the role of the prude, strict father. Jessie was definitely the cool Uncle. Then there was Joey. In a way, Joey was a candidate for “cool Uncle” buuuut he gave off a few too many creepy vibes. Was it the corny, obnoxious jokes? I don’t know. Perhaps it was the “cut-it-out” thing he used to do? Or maybe, just maybe it’s the fact that he rarely showed interest in women his age throughout the entire series. Yes! That’s it. Any man in his thirties who is content telling jokes, doing sound effects and Popeye impressions to his three young nieces is automatically labeled a weirdo.