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#117 SuperMarket Sweep Made Shopping Look Like A Blast.

As a child, I loved going to the grocery store — and I think this game show was the cause of that. Even today, I don’t hate shopping – it just isn’t as fast paced and fun as I’d anticipated. On the 90s Lifetime version of SuperMarket Sweep, there were a variety of question games that entertained us momentarily – but they knew what we really wanted. The “Big Sweep” was so exhilarating to watch, I can’t even imagine partaking in such festivities. Basically, the teams would run through the store, filling their carts with whatever they could get their hands on. The goal was to compile the highest grand total, which decided the winners. Continue reading


#38 We Missed Our Shot At Being On A Nickelodeon Game Show.

Wild & Crazy Kids, What Would You Do, Double Dare and Figure It Out were some of my top choices. We would’ve had a blast taking pies to the face, getting slimed, choosing the physical challenge and meeting Cuba Gooding’s brother, Omar on Wild & Crazy Kids. Unfortunately as a kid I was nowhere near the vicinity of these shows filming locations and I never got to experience anything like it. I envy the small group of people in the world today who can say they were on a Nickelodeon game show… But if there’s anyone out there reading this who was on one, tell me, was it as amazing as I think it was?