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#124 The Nickelodeon Magazine Commercial Is Forever Embedded In Your Brain

They say young brains are easily molded and suck information up like a sponge, so surely seeing and hearing this ad for Nickelodeon Magazine from back in the day 1,495,038 times made it a permanent fixture in our respective noggins. It was played at every commercial break and I know this because all these years later, myself, and many others, are able to recite it in its entirety. I legitimately remember the words to this commercial better than I can recall anything from grade school.

If there were a job that paid folks for their expertise on the Nickelodeon Magazine commercial, I would be the most highly sought after employee. If there were a professional sport that required its athletes to do something with a ball while reciting the lines of the Nickelodeon Magazine commercial, I’d be the LeBron James of it. If there were a contest to create an obnoxiously unnecessary third example of how well you know the Nickelodeon Magazine commercial, I’d win it. I just won it. Anyway, the point here is that kids who watched a lot of Nickelodeon growing up probably have this saved to their cerebral cortex for forever.