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#124 The Nickelodeon Magazine Commercial Is Forever Embedded In Your Brain

They say young brains are easily molded and suck information up like a sponge, so surely seeing and hearing this ad for Nickelodeon Magazine from back in the day 1,495,038 times made it a permanent fixture in our respective noggins. It was played at every commercial break and I know this because all these years later, myself, and many others, are able to recite it in its entirety. I legitimately remember the words to this commercial better than I can recall anything from grade school.

If there were a job that paid folks for their expertise on the Nickelodeon Magazine commercial, I would be the most highly sought after employee. If there were a professional sport that required its athletes to do something with a ball while reciting the lines of the Nickelodeon Magazine commercial, I’d be the LeBron James of it. If there were a contest to create an obnoxiously unnecessary third example of how well you know the Nickelodeon Magazine commercial, I’d win it. I just won it. Anyway, the point here is that kids who watched a lot of Nickelodeon growing up probably have this saved to their cerebral cortex for forever.


#114 Nickelodeon Magazine And Disney Adventures Were Top Tier Reading Material.

When we were kids, there were very few forms of words & illustrations bound together on pieces of paper that really appealed to us. Besides Where’s Waldo and comic books, there were two other very well liked exceptions. Nickelodeon Magazine & Disney Adventures were two things that 90s kids really enjoyed. Nickelodeon Magazine ran a commercial that must’ve aired at every single  break (see below), because it’s forever embedded in plenty of our brains. Anyway, these magazines featured content that we found interesting during that time period. See, nowadays we’re more likely to read magazines with content covering celebrity gossip, fashion, sports or things of that nature. Back then we got our thrills from Nickelodeon Magazine’s comics, pranks, posters, interviews, recipes, non-fiction articles and general humor. The coolest thing about ‘em was the fact that they didn’t strictly contain things only associated with their network; they covered all sorts of topics a kid could relate to! Meanwhile, Disney Adventures managed to capture the entertaining/fun aspects that Nickelodeon Magazine had, while adding some educational material in addition. So, we learned a few things and got the take pleasure in the puzzle games, entertainment news, fun facts (a section called: Weird Yet True) and a sports guide, created by ESPN. While both magazines have met their demise, they put together strong runs that managed to live on past our childhoods. If you have the slightest hoarding tendencies, surely you’ve got some of these magazines lying around somewhere.

OK, who else has seen this Nickelodeon Magazine commercial below SO MANY times that you can still recite nearly every word, verbatim? Nostalgia at its finest!