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Who Was The Best 90s Superhero Group?

ATTENTION ALL 90s LOVERS, this is the second installment of “The Best Of”. It will allow us to interact with each other while we debate the greatest of different categories. Today’s question asks, Who Was The Best 90s  Superhero Group?

Vote on the poll and leave your opinions, arguments and creative comments. If you’d like to make an argument for a candidate who isn’t listed above then feel free to bring them into the discussion. SHARE THIS with your friends on Facebook & Twitter so we can have as many 90s lovers as possibly come to a majority conclusion as to who was the BEST SUPERHERO GROUP OF THE 90s. And the nominees are…



#47 Him Is More Disturbing Now Than He Was Then.

Of all evil characters, Him is one whose name (or lack thereof) should be in the discussion of best villain ever. For starters, he’s Satan and that in itself is worth some value. Watching this flamboyant, cross-dressing devil with lobster claws express his extreme hate of the Powerpuff Girls has become more and more frightening. As a youngster, I found Him creepy but somehow he’s managed to make like a fine wine and get better with age. Mojo Jojo undeservingly received a lot of credit as the head nemesis to the Powerpuff Girls but in actuality, this guy was serious business. It was hard to understand Him then but now, I realize he was more than just a villain – Him was a DIVA. The type of villain who only drinks Fiji water and eats the finest meats and cheeses. Looking back, Him is a scenario in which we might actually see the devil wear Prada.