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The New Power Ranger’s Movie Has Cast Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa After 10000 Years
In 2017 we’ll see the return of the Power Rangers, and now we know who’ll play arch nemesis Rita Repulsa. Continue reading


Status #16: Putty Patrol.

#25 Angel Grove Is The Worst Town Ever.

When you’re walking down the street you might be attacked by a group of clay-men rocking tight, gray spandex suits and making obnoxious, gibberish sounds. In addition, there are constantly monsters destroying the f***ing city in battles with big metal dinosaurs.  If that’s not enough, some crazy bitch  has made a full-time job out of wreaking havoc on your entire town and your life depends on 5 teenagers. Angel Grove makes Compton look like Utopia.

#5 The Pink Ranger Was Hot, But The Green Ranger Was Hitting That.

The Pink Ranger was a popular one amongst young male Power Rangers fans. Many claim she was their first crush and it probably had something to do with her being the girly gymnast, who could totally kick ass as well. Her “hiii-ya!” sound made after every karate chop teetered on the fine line between cute and annoying, but overall she won the hearts of many. Unfortunately, the Green Ranger was definitely her love interest. Don’t believe me? Watch the episodes now, you can cut the sexual tension with a knife — or Dragon Sword.