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#121 Friends, Seinfeld, And Mad About You Take Place In The Same Universe

90s television was no stranger to the crossover episode routine, but in doing so you’re placing the shows involved within the same fictional universe. They did this with Full House and Family Matters when DJ’s friend Julie’s cousin turned out to be Steve Urkel.
I presume this was some twisted parallel dimension in which pesky neighbors ran amok, considering Kimmy Gibbler and Steve Urkel lived next door to the respective families in each series.

This happened with many other shows, but what many may not have noticed was the linking of Mad About You, Friends and Seinfeld. Continue reading


Status #13: Steve Urkel

#65 Steve Urkel Was Sonic.

That’s correct, Jaleel White – the actor famous for his role as Steve Urkel was also the voice of our beloved Sonic The Hedgehog. When I originally discovered this, I was almost as shocked as I was when I found out about Realization #22. When I think of Urkel, I’m reminded of all things not cool. The suspenders, the thick glasses, the rolled up jeans and white socks, the accordion but most memorable of all: the obnoxious voice. In fact, if there’s any sound in the world that I think I could easily recognize – it’s Urkel’s voice. But, for whatever reason, when you don’t see the geek but you do see the awesome, blue hedgehog it’s harder to decode the voice. Sure he switched up the tone and pitch of his voice a little bit for the Sonic character but when I watch with the knowledge of the actor behind the voice, I don’t see how I didn’t pick up on this in the 90s.

#37 Myra Was Hotter Than Laura.

For years we saw Urkel desperately strive for attention from Laura Winslow. Initially I was annoyed that he was acting so obsessive over a girl who was really a dime a dozen. Laura was a pretty girl but she wasn’t God’s masterpiece like Steve made her out to be. Besides that, I have an even bigger issue with the fact that Urkel was blowing off a girl named Myra who was a hottie. I know opinions may vary but Myra was blatantly better looking and more into Steve, so what exactly was the problem?! With glasses as thick as his were, his vision should’ve been good enough to pickup on the fact that Myra Monkhouse was smoking. (Sadly, Michelle Thomas, the actress who played Myra passed away in 1998 of a rare stomach cancer.)